Wonder Woman Honest Trailer Reminds Us She's the Hero We, and DC, Need

Even the brutally honest Honest Trailers have mostly good things to say about Wonder Woman, because this movie was such a breath of fresh air, such an antidote to everything that has plagued the DC Extended Universe until now.

“From the studio known for confusing length with depth, complexity with intelligence, and self-absorbed downers with heroism, the DCEU pulls off its biggest success by … not doing those things.”

Sure, there are some things worth laughing at, particularly the weird vulnerabilities that goddesses have to guns when the plot requires it, and there's a particularly good catch regarding the Themysciran accents, which appear to be American and British women emulating an Israeli accent, for reasons that may have to do with the fact that Gal Gadot underwent considerably more action training than speech coaching in preparation for filming.

Like most Honest Trailers, this video points out a lot of amusing truths, perhaps the most salient ones being that every tentpole film needs a bankable Chris to round out the cast...


and most importantly, that Wonder Woman is the movie, and hero, that DC and the fans need and deserve.