Jason Bateman Tweets Arrested Development Season 5 Set Photo

Just when you thought life for Jason Bateman's fictional characters couldn't get any worse - seriously, watch Ozark on Netflix - the Bluths are back for an Arrested Development murder mystery!

Bateman tweeted this photo yesterday, along with the warning "Here comes trouble," and an announcement that filming on Arrested Development season 5 starts August 8. The season is going to be a whodunnit, focusing on the fate of Lucille 2 (Austero) at the end of the show's fourth season.

Since everyone is presumably a suspect, I feel comfortable with a little spoiler-free speculation: I think it was Sally Sitwell. Although, Lucille 1 always looks like she's guilty of something...

Arrested Development Season 4
Starring Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera