There Are Other Worlds Than These: Dark Tower Trailers Tease the Stephen King Multiverse

Stephen King's The Dark Tower is his literary opus - encompassing eight books, several comics, a number of short stories and vignettes, and, soon, a major motion picture.

One of the many reasons The Dark Tower is such a beloved work is that it literally encompasses all of King's other works. Gunslinger Roland Deschain hails from Mid-world, a dimension that intersects all of spacetime. All of King's heroes, villains, monsters, clowns, and apocalypses have at one point or another passed through his way-station dimension.

These two trailers for the upcoming Dark Tower movie highlight that fact, reminding us that before the pig's blood, before the prom, and even before Captain Trips - there is the Tower.

Watch for plenty of Stephen King Easter eggs in The Dark Tower, in theaters August 4.