Sneak Preview: Justice League of America #11

Justice League of America 11 Cover

Here's a sneak peek at Justice League of America #11, in stores this Wednesday, July 26 2017.

In this week’s issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, Atom and Killer Frost head to Africa to see if the Mndawe Foundation can find a cure for Caitlin’s heat sickness – but find out that the procedure could be too dangerous. Where will this discovery lead them to next? 
Meanwhile, the Justice League continues their fight against the Kingbutcher who is bent on destroying everything. Can the JLA stop the Lord of Order from turning their world upside down? Find out more in this issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #11 from writer Steve Orlando with art by Neil Edwards and Sandu Florea, HI-FI (colors), and Clayton Cowles (letters).