New Justice League Trailer Reveals the Big Bad - Plus More Wonder Woman!

DC Entertainment has revealed a new trailer for Justice League at San Diego Comic-Con, and it's miles beyond anything we've seen to date. Prior to the tragic events that led to Zack Snyder to step down as director, DC Entertainment was in a bit of a loop, releasing "new" teasers that mostly consisted of remixed footage from the first.

A lot has changed since then - Joss Whedon has replaced Snyder as director and, perhaps most importantly for the purposes of this trailer - it's Comic-Con. This weekend, every major studio is releasing new trailers, announcing major shake-ups, and servicing fans in every  way imaginable than the rest of the calendar year combined.

In light of the above, in addition to the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman, it's not surprising that Diana, Themyscira and the Amazons are the biggest stars of this 4-minute trailer, consisting almost entirely of new footage and revealing a lot about DC's biggest movie to date.

Ben Affleck's Batman joins forces with Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Cyborg to take up arms against Steppenwolf and his army of Apokoliptian Parademons. It's an incredibly action packed trailer, and it's worth noting that the two biggest players from both teams - Superman and Darkseid - are currently missing in action, and presumed dead. It's a relatively safe bet that upcoming Justice League trailers will first tease, then reveal, both characters. In the meantime, enjoy this newest sneak peek at DC's answer to The Avengers, as well as this new poster, also released today at SDCC.

justice league poster sdcc 2017.jpg