DC All Access: Tom King Talks Bat-Villains, Nightwing vs. Red Hood, and God Comes to Lucifer?

This week on DC All Access, Batman writer Tom King discusses the war of jokes and riddles. Plus: Nightwing vs Red Hood, and just who is the mysterious new character coming to Lucifer?


Boy, do we have a joke for you! But first you have to solve a riddle! What happens when Batman is caught in the middle when Joker and Riddler go to town on Gotham? It's the war of jokes and riddles. Get it?
Hey, at least he should be used to the heat! Season 2 of Lucifer left our favorite devil lost in the desert and sporting a new pair of wings, but fortunately actor Tom Ellis didn't fly away before talking to DC All Access.
When the Bat is away, the children will...fight each other to see who is best, apparently. In this week's DC All Access versus clip, we're pitting Nightwing against Red Hood to discover which Robin reigns supreme. Do you think the first Robin is truly #1? Or does Jason have victory in his sights?