Better Call Saul Coda: Catching up With the Kettlemans

Better Call Saul wrapped up an amazing third season last night, setting in motion the events of season 4, and ultimately the story that follows all the way through Breaking Bad, not to mention Saul's ongoing struggles, as seen in brief, dark spurts during cold opens.

A lot of threads have been solved, many tragically, and new paths and storylines have begun. But hey, have you ever wondered what happened to the Kettlemans? Former Treasurer Craig Kettleman's criminal overreach (with a little push from Jimmy/Saul) landed him in prison for embezzlement in season 1.

Kettleman, a classic Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad villain possessed of staggering arrogance and utterly self-aware, had the singular redeeming quality of placing his family above all, even his otherwise all-consuming greed. It was that love for family that led him to turn himself in, though it meant his wife and children were left without him.  

The Kettlemans were among the first casualties of Jimmy's nascent sociopathy, and after the finale's important, cutting observation from Chuck that “You’re just going to keep hurting people… that’s what you do," it's worth having a look at what happens to the people who become collateral damage in Jimmy's schemes.

In keeping with the theme of this season - Jimmy/Saul and the accumulating human wreckage he leaves in his wake - AMC and Acura teamed to release this terrific post-season short film starring the semi-reunited Kettlemans and titled, appropriately, No Picnic.

Check it out for a little bonus Better Call Saul, and for a sad reminder of the fate of those who cross Jimmy wrong, whether by trying to impede him or simply making the mistake of trusting him, as his transformation into Saul continues.

Better Call Saul: Season 2
Starring Bob Odenkirk