Watch: The Awful 1967 Wonder Woman Pilot

While reports are coming in that the new Wonder Woman film is DC's best superhero movie yet - it has the highest Rotten Tomatoes score since The Dark Knight - the character has been waiting eight decades for the right project.

Along the way to silver screen success, there were two spectacular TV series starring Lynda Carter, but before the first attempt to bring Wonder Woman from the page to the screen came in 1967, by way of an abysmal short pilot, Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? 

Featuring Ellie Wood Walker as Wonder Woman, Maudie Prickett as her mother, and Linda Harrison as her reflection (!), producer William Dozier (of '60s Batman fame) packs a whole lot of strangeness into this 5-minute screen test. This never made it to air, but like so much weird old camp it lives forever on YouTube, and was discovered by Heat Vision. Have a look and enjoy, you'll appreciate Gal Gadot's spectacular performance that much more. There's a lot to laugh at here, but I for one am glad that the times have changed and we now live in a world that embraces the real Wonder Woman - a warrior born, and someone would never be asked "How do you expect to get a husband flying around all the time?" by her mother, or anyone else for that matter.