Reminder: Better Call Saul Season 3 Finale Airs Tonight

It's been the best season yet for Better Call Saul, a transformative period which has brought us to the precipice of Jimmy McGill's complete metamorphosis into "criminal lawyer"  Saul Goodman.

With this transformation come repercussions to everyone in Jimmy's orbit, which ranges from outcomes we are familiar with from Breaking Bad - the fate of Hector Salamanca, for which we know Saul bears some responsibility, is at hand. When we were first introduced to Goodman, he was terrified that he had been implicated in the events that Nacho has begun to set in motion.

And those are just the pre-determined outcomes. What lies in store for Jimmy's brother Chuck, and his erstwhile partner Howard Hamlin? Their confrontation is coming to a head, and actor Patrick Fabian gives CinemaBlend a hint as to what to expect of their clash:

I think Howard builds on what we saw [in Episode 9], absolutely. I think Howard is attempting to affect events without letting events affect him. So maybe he's taking a page out of Jimmy's book, in terms of saying like, 'All right, Mr. Get Up and Go, I'm gonna do something.' Maybe Howard's gonna do something. Since he did the thing with the billboards in Season 1, maybe I'll start doing some 'Slippin' Howard' and steal some of his thunder.

Developments years in the making, with characters and timelines from Breaking Bad as well as Better Call Saul, are all coming to a head. Check out the sneak preview below, and make sure to watch the season finale tonight at 10:00 PM/9:00 PM Central on AMC.


Better Call Saul: Season 2
Starring Bob Odenkirk