Ben Affleck Does His Best Christian Bale Batman Impression for Red Nose Day

Ben Affleck knows that he has some big shoes to fill as Batman, after Christian Bale defined the character onscreen in the classic Dark Knight film trilogy.

So far, Affleck has portrayed a different kind of Batman - loyal to the films and comics that came before, but with several differences that make the role uniquely his. However, for a fan, and for charity, the good natured actor made an exception and did his very best Bale Batman impersonation.

Affleck participated in a sketch during the Red Nose Day fundraising event, and was asked by a child to perform with a Batman voice. He began to do just that, but then the kid interjected: â€œNo! Do it the way Christian Bale does it.”

Affleck gives it a good try, but he has a tough crowd. Maybe he'll have it down a bit better in Justice League, in theaters November 17.  In the meantime, here's a look at his best impression of the Christian Bale Bat-growl.

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