Netflix 'Defenders' Premiere Date Announced in New Teaser Video

Netflix and Marvel's extended small-screen universe is ready for it's big "group of misfits team up to save the world"  (or at least Hell's Kitchen) moment. Daredevil,  Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have all had their individual seasons - Daredevil's actually had two, and Iron Fist, while deeply divisive for both fans and critics, was ultimately a huge success.

The wheels have been in motion for a long while now, and it's finally time for The Defenders to assemble! Check out this new teaser video, and watch the time stamp at the exact moment Jessica punches the surveillance camera to see the premiere date!     

In case you missed it, it's 08:08:20:17 - August 20, 2017. 

And to follow the viral marketing video all the way down the rabbit hole, enter the IP address displayed in the upper left corner ( into your browser. You'll be taken to the home page of the New York Bulletin, the fictional newspaper that loons large in the Netflix/Marvel universe. It confirms the August 20 premiere date for The Defenders, and has lots of other fun easter eggs. I suspect that it will be updated with more clues and teases as we get closer to the series premiere.