New Justice League Trailer: Triumph of Style Over Substance

The new international trailer for Justice League has almost no new footage not seen in the original trailer. What it does have is a single theme, one even more simplified than the original's by-the-numbers assemblage of heroes.

The trailer is prefaced by Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman asking Ben Affleck's Batman of the other Leaguers - "where are they?" The answer is delivered in a non-stop montage of hyper-climactic action movie scenes, set to an equally overly produced soundtrack - a corporate metal cover  of The Beatles' 'Come Together.'

It's basically a perfect distillation of the DC Extended Universe's worst instincts, and another reason to scratch your head and wonder why on Earth DC is trusting Zack Snyder to introduce and define their most valuable characters to the world at large.

If you've watched Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad, and are still excited for Justice League, it's doubtful that this trailer will change your mind. It's probably not going to get you any more enthused, either. 

As always, I remain cautiously optimistic, though with each new promotional clip like this, I grow a bit more cautious and less optimistic.

Justice League premieres November 17, 2017. Let's all hope for the best.