'Batman and Bill' Trailer Pays Homage to Batman's True Co-Creator

batman and bill robot mutant.png

"What happened to Bill Finger?" A new Hulu documentary seeks to tell the true story of Batman's uncredited co-creator, Bill Finger. It's the latest strike for justice in crediting Finger, the prolific co-creator of Batman, responsible for much of the 75+ years of the character's success.

The trailer for Batman and Bill features Finger champion Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman. He has been one of the major voices in comics history, determined to correct old lies and give Finger the credit he deserved - credit thus far reserved for Batman co-creator Bob Kane, who clung to it tightly and mercilessly.

It's time for truth, and for justice - everything superheroes should stand for. It's time to learn about Bill Finger, and his contributions to Gotham City lore and pop culture. Check out the trailer for Batman and Bill below, and watch it on Hulu when it premieres May 6 (Free Comic Book Day).