Whoa: New Matrix Project Not a Reboot

We recently reported a project in the works at Warner Bros, described in The Hollywood Reporter as a Matrix "reboot." Zak Penn, who is attached as a writer on the project, took to Twitter to set things straight. Apparently, the new Matrix project is something other than a reboot, and would seem to be a sort of expanded universe venture. Beyond that, it's vague, and apparently purposely so. Check out the Penn's Tweets on the matter, and let the speculation begin!


He gets a little more heated with time, still not saying what the project is but making it as clear as possible that it's neither a reboot nor a remake - wherever one draws the line between the two, neither label would seem to apply here.

I'm glad it's not a reboot since, as Penn seems to agree, The Matrix really does not need one. Also, the fact that he seem so vehemently opposed to a reboot, sort of angry at the idea even having circulated if you read enough of his tweets, is a sign that he's passionate about the project. Whatever it is, I look forward to hearing more about it from Penn when he's able to talk about it in detail.