Warners Set to Reboot The Matrix

 Pictured above: actual Warner Bros. Studio executives

Pictured above: actual Warner Bros. Studio executives

The Matrix, a groundbreaking trilogy of sci-fi masterpieces, changed the way movies are made. It was original, groundbreaking, and bold - so it's kind of a bummer that Warner Bros. creative well has run dry so soon that they feel the need to take the Red Pill once again.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Warner Bros. has begun work on a remake of the The Matrix, first released in 1999. Zak Penn is reportedly writing the treatment.

Warners reportedly does not want to involve Joel Silver, producer of the original Matrix trilogy. The Wachowski siblings are not involved at this point, but it's not clear whether they have been contacted yet or whether there's been any negotiation to date.

Its uncertain whether any of the original cast or creators will be a part of the new Matrix. Keanu Reeves' involvement is contingent on that of the Wachowskis, but in any event early buzz has it that Warners is interested casting Michael B. Jordan as the new Neo.