'The Star Wars' Concept Trailer Explores the Early Vision of George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie

Star Wars changed the world, and cinema, forever. It defied decades of industry wisdom that dictated science fiction films could never be taken seriously, and created the modern blockbuster. But the vision originally conceived by George Lucas and legendary designer Ralph McQuarrie was markedly different than what fans saw in theaters. Those early script notes and designs for The Star Wars were explored in a recent comic book adaptation, and now a group of graduating film students has produced this concept trailer for what would have been a very different movie than A New Hope.

The Star Wars concept trailer is a fascinating look at what might have been, as well as a testament to Orlando's Digital Animation and Visual Effects School, from where these students are set to graduate. Above all, it is a reminder of the brilliant work of McQuarrie, whose designs are responsible for much of modern mythology, and whose decades-old unused ideas still impress. With his amazing visuals, and the fascinating, divergent story that Lucas originally conceived, it's easy to imagine a parallel universe in which Luke Starkiller's visage adorns action figures, T-shirts, and a beloved movie franchise that is more powerful than ever some 40 years after it's debut.

The Star Wars
By JW Rinzler