Brian Michael Bendis Defects to DC Comics for Exclusive Deal

brian michael bendis dc.jpg

DC Comics rocked the internet this morning, tweeting an announcement about Brian Michael Bendis that, for over 15 years, has been the stuff of fringe rumor mongering and wild speculation:

Bendis has written for DC only once before, in 2000's Batman Chronicles #21, illustrated by Alias co-creator Michael Gaydos. Shortly thereafter, Bendis became a leading architect of the Marvel Universe, redefining Daredevil and Luke Cage, launching Ultimate Spider-Man, creating Jessica Jones for the aforementioned Alias and eventually taking on The Avengers in multiple titles, in addition to writing Civil War and Civil War II and much more. 

While he wore influences such as Frank Miller on his sleeve, his unique vision came to be synonymous with Modern Age Marvel. That vision can be seen everywhere, most recently in the form of Marvel's Netflix series which portray his version of Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist, alongside his creation Jessica Jones. The Defenders is a testament to Bendis' vision and influence.

DC Comics will get the Bendis treatment, just as it's making it's most concerted effort yet to solidify the DC Extended Universe with Justice League, in theaters November 17.

Bendis himself confirmed the announcement, which also means an end to his long-running series Powers, which launched at Image but migrated to Marvel's Icon imprint for an increasingly sporadic run.

I'm very excited to see Bendis playing in a new universe, stretching his vast creative muscles, and hopefully shaking some of the David Mamet influence. Mamet, one of the greatest writers of our time, has been deteriorating dramatically for the past decade and a half while simultaneously, publicly, sharing a series of hard-and-fast "rules" for writers which are deeply flawed, and which permeate the Bendis titles that have met with poor reactions from fans and critics such as Civil War II. Even on his worst days, however, Bendis is easily one of the most talented. versatile and prolific writers in comics. A change is exactly what he and his fans need, and DC Comics is absolutely the winner here. Bendis' absence will leave a crater-sized hole in Marvel, at the worst possible time for their comics, which have been struggling to outsell DC for the last year. Change is, indeed, good, and hopefully Marvel has a plan to inject some new blood to revitalize the old Bullpen,