New Justice League Trailer Has Action, Unity, and Whedon's Influence Is Everywhere

The new trailer for Justice League is defined by the loss of Superman and what it means for the world, including the need for the other heroes of the DC Universe to unite and join forces against an invasion. It also has a dramatically different tone than previous trailers - from the action and drama to the levity and humor, right down to the framing and color schemes, this trailer shows how different Justice League is under the direction of Joss Whedon.

There are certainly a lot more smiles, and not just from Jason Momoa's Aquaman. Cyborg, The Flash, Wonder Woman and even Batman are allowing themselves to enjoy being a team - while the League was created out of necessity, these are heroes and friends, and it's already showing.

It's no longer clear whether this will prove to be DC Entertainment's version of The Avengers - a gathering of properties and characters setting the stage for shared cinematic universe. Recent reports suggest that DC is moving from the Extended Universe strategy towards a more loose structure, with multiple iterations of various characters and continuities, although DC has not confirmed whether this is the case. In any event, Justice League looks much better than it has in previous trailers. Regardless of whether this is the tentpole upon which all future DC films are built, or simply it's own blockbuster franchise (because Extended Universe or not, there will be sequels), Justice League looks like it's going to be smash when it premieres on November 17.