New Trailer for Netflix's 'Bright' Shows Us That Orcs Are People, Too

Netflix has released a new trailer for their forthcoming original feature Bright, from director David Ayer (Suicide Squad). The film, Netflix's first attempt at a home-grown blockbuster movie, is set in a modern day Los Angeles in which the supernatural is real, and functions as commentary on many real-world issues involving class, race, and other societal woes. Will Smith plays police officer Daryl Ward, who has been partnered up with officer Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), the first orc member of the LAPD.

The pair are tasked with recovering a dangerous magic wand, described by Jakoby as "a nuclear weapon that grants wishes," from a dangerous, criminal elf played by Noomi Rapace.

While the social and economic subtext is quite clear from the film's marketing, Ayer has made a point of being very forthright about the film's intentions to address serious, current issues in a way that he has not been able to to do in prior big-budget tentpole pictures, telling Polygon that the story and characters serve as a reminder “To not judge too soon, to not say this specific group of people who look a certain way or practice a certain religion are bad guys or witches. Life and situations will shape us, but we shouldn’t judge people too soon. That’s the core of Bright. That’s what we’re trying to tell people.”

Bright premieres on Netflix December 22.

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